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Issue 27 Oct/Nov 2014

Image of Issue 27 Oct/Nov 2014


The issue we've all been waiting for!
Cover Feature: He said, "I'll be back!", and he is. Roger Gracie returns to show you how his traditional game is so effective against the opposition.

Garry Lee Tonon proves that you're never safe from him regardless of position.
Mike Diaz shows how to surprise your opponent from side control.

Life - Who is Raul Montolfo?
Gear Lab Review - Ultimate Nutrition CarneBOLIC, Maeda Conde Koma Gi, Tape Armor, 93 Brand Citizen Fight Shorts.
Mind Games - 10 tips to be a better coach.
Grub - Carbo loading the right way!
Supplements - Q&A with Jeremy Reid.
Body - Build a vice like grip, diaphragmatic breathing, recognizing knee injuries.

All this and much more!

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