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Issue 31 April 2015

Image of Issue 31 April 2015


IT'S TIME! Jiu-Jitsu Magazine has officially been bumped up from 10 issues per year to monthly! Subscribe immediately to get the current rates for a one or two year subscription while you still can!

Cover Feature:
Need a body guard to prevent others from passing your guard? 2014 No-Gi World Champ Yuri Simoes shows you how with his new Body X-Guard!

More Technique:
The king is in the building! Nino Schembri is going to show you how to rock n' roll the opposition with omoplata variations and gogoplatas galore!

Life - Rigan Machado: Trainer To The Stars and Game Changer, Does Size Matter? Part 2, tons of news and other cool stuff.
Gear Lab - Submission FC Bamboo Frenzy Gi.
Grub - The Power of Purple, Whole Foods and Supplements Battle It Out.
Body - Pull-up for Power, Extreme Battle Rope Training, Are You Strong Of Heart?
Mind - It's about time you got ugly... with your drilling!
Success - Holy Transformation Batman!

All this and much more!

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