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Issue 33 June 2015

Image of Issue 33 June 2015


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Cover Feature:
Direct coverage from the 2015 UAEJJF World Professional Championships in Abu Dhabi! Our Editor-In-Chief provides 11 pages of an inside look from the event!

Technique, technique, technique:
The original JJM (Jean Jacques Machado) shows you how to get the turtle to stick it's head out of it's shell and finish!
Rodrigo "Comprido" Medeiros demonstrates how to finish from anywhere with the toe hold!
"The Warmaster" Josh Barnett is back with more hand control, to shut down the guard and pass!

Life - PPV Wars, The American Cup, and Grassroots Grappling
Gear - Falcon Brand Gi and Gameness JJ Specific Backpack
Fuel - How To Smoothie and HICA
Body - Partner Up For Power, Passing Exercises, and What's The Deal With Sweat
Mind - Your Instincts May Be Getting The Best Of You and The Incredible Shrinking Man

All this and much more!

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