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Issue 37 October 2015

Image of Issue 37 October 2015


Our most dangerous issue yet! Garry Tonon shows us how to lock up anyone's legs. He goes over heel hooks and toe holds in great detail!
Abraham "The God of War" Marte explores a big man's closed guard game that anyone can do.
Grub - Nut Butters
Supplement Q&A
Event Coverage - EBI 4
What have video games taught us about martial arts?
White Belt Questions
Marcelo Cohen's Kids Program
Guide to Buying a Rash Guard
Gear Lab Reviews:
Tatami Tank Gi
Zebra Warm Up Mat
Jiu-Jitsu Lab Sitting Guard App
Event Coverage - BJJ Tour Texas
Event Coverage - ADCC
Mind Games - Focus on Focus
Gains - Building jiu-jitsu power with the squat

All this and much, much more!

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