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Issue 45 June 2016

Image of Issue 45 June 2016


After winning EBI6 Gordon Ryan is ready to take on the world, but first he's going to show us some techniques off one of his favorite positions, the back triangle!
Also in this issue:
Buchecha on coming back from a major injury
Grapplers' Guide to Fish
Side Control Vocabulary
The ABCs of the Armbar with Marcos Tinoco
Tested: Batboy Stealth Combat Bag, Flow Kimonos Hemp Belt
Event Coverage: Abu Dhabi World Pro, BJJ Tour California, 2016 American Cup
Jiu-Jitsu Travler's Guide to San Diego
Warm-Up: Kneeling Thoracic Rotations
Gains: Kettle-Jitsu - Incorporating the Turkish Get-Up, Your Gi as Your Gym
Medic - All About Chokes
This and much more!

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