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Issue 8 Jun/Jul 2012

Image of Issue 8 Jun/Jul 2012


Another great issue, our best yet in fact!

In this issue:
Collar and Lapel Chokes with Kayron Gracie
Cross Guard with Gustavo Dantas
Leveraged Techniques with Penny Thomas
The Russian Tie with Kenny Johnson
Andre Galvao shows us how to drill the "windshield wiper"
Nicolas Gregoriades goes over the Basic Skills Every BJJ Fighter Should Have
Planning a Trip to Rio
The Top Gracie Family Icons
Spotlight on Hannette Staack
Supplements for Those Over 40
Medic: Anatomy 101
Strength and Conditioning: Rebel Yoga
How To Psych Out the Competition

And as always, much, much more!

Begins mailing May 18th

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